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Intervention #100358 (Drug:Olanzapine)

Resource URI: http://static.linkedct.org/resource/intervention/100358
linkedct:description Randomized, stratified, placebo-controlled, parallel group trial to evaluate the effectiveness and tolerability of an oral dose of 10 mg Olanzapine in combination with Riluzole for the treatment of undesired weight loss through cachexia and malnutrition in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
is linkedct:intervention of <http://static.linkedct.org/resource/trials/NCT00876772>
linkedct:intervention_id 100358 (xsd:int)
linkedct:intervention_name Olanzapine
linkedct:intervention_type Drug
rdfs:label Intervention #100358 (Drug:Olanzapine)
rdf:type linkedct:intervention