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Intervention #100328 (Drug:OGX-427)

Resource URI: http://static.linkedct.org/resource/intervention/100328
linkedct:description OGX-427 drug product is in 25mg/mL injection in a mannitol-phosphate buffer solution packaged to deliver at least 8mL volume from a 10mL Type I, clear glass vial (ammonium sulfate treated) with Teflon coated bromobutyl rubber stopper and sealed with an aluminum, red, flip-off over seal. The drug product is aseptically compounded and sterilized via sterile filtration prior to aseptic filling.
is linkedct:intervention of <http://static.linkedct.org/resource/trials/NCT00959868>
linkedct:intervention_id 100328 (xsd:int)
linkedct:intervention_name OGX-427
linkedct:intervention_type Drug
rdfs:label Intervention #100328 (Drug:OGX-427)
rdf:type linkedct:intervention