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This is a preview of LinkedCT.org: Linked Data source of clinical trials. This preview database is published using D2R Server. It can be accessed using

  1. Your plain old web browser
  2. Semantic Web browsers
  3. SPARQL clients.

1. HTML View

You can use the navigation links at the top of this page to explore the database.

2. RDF View

You can also explore this database with Semantic Web browsers like Tabulator or Disco, or the OpenLink Data Explorer Firefox Add-on. To start browsing, open this entry point URL in your Semantic Web browser:


3. SPARQL Endpoint

SPARQL clients can query the database at this SPARQL endpoint*:


The database can also be explored using this AJAX-based SPARQL Explorer.
* Note: Currently, the reults of SPARQL queries may not be acurate due to a limit on the size of the results returned by the RDBMS on the public server. A new server will be available soon.

Current Status

Total number of triples: 6,998,851
Number of Trials: 61,920
Total number of RDF interlinks to other Linked Data sources: 177,975
Links to: DBpedia and YAGO (from intervention and conditions), GeoNames (from locations), Bio2RDF.org's PubMed (from references).

These numbers will change frequently in the preview version of the database.

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Please send your comments and questions to admin at linkedct.org.